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Paypal Term Payment @ 32.50 +
Paypal handling/admin fee (Total 35)

Classes are based on 5 continuous weeks for 32.50, regardless of any missed sessions during the 5 week term.  

Students can mix and match Tuesday & Wednesday classes where a similar session is available. Catch-up sessions are available - please ask for details.


* * * NEW FOR AUTUMN 2017 * * *
As part of our ongoing development, students attending our Developing (Improver) and Transitional (Intermediate) classes will also be undertaking a 5 weekly topical programme.  
Belly Sweat classes will continue in September following their popularity in the spring.  These will take place on week 3 of the term, and will be in the form of a 'dance drills' class.
'DRESS UP' classes (week 5 of each term) have been a real hit, and these are going to continue due to students requests... and will now include all levels of students, as Tenderfoots have felt encouraged to dress up too after seeing developing students dressed in their finery.  It has also allowed some great conversations about costuming and embracing the feeling of glamour has a positive impact on body image... which is part of our LOVE YOUR BODY - LOVE YOUR BELLY mantra.

Want to know more details about our Class Content & Mystic Dance Levels?  


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(Upper Intermediate)

Trail Blazer

Mystic Hipscarves are available on loan during classes or workshops

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