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2017 Dates - Workshop & Event Dates

All workshops take place at the Burness Parish Rooms in Melton, except where indicated otherwise

Saturday  -  January 21
Choreography for A Dream is a Wish Hafla (Troupe only)

Saturday  -  February 18 
1.30pm till 3.30pm @ 15 including notes & refreshments
Do you feel like you are stuck in a dance trap? 
Not seeing that advancement that you think you should have by now? 
This workshop will look at:
* Mirrored practice & filming
* Equal strength & flexibility
* Elevating basic moves to the next level 
* Creating your own combinations
* How to practice at home
* What you can do to step out of your comfort zone
* Influences & Style
* Pace & Pose
* Practical Dance
Payment via cash, cheque, Paypal gift

Saturday  -  April 8
Topic: New Dance Routine (Troupe only)

Saturday - May 27
Topic: New Dance Routine (Troupe only) Part 2 to complete the routine

Saturday 3rd June - Beauty & the Belly 
Riverside Centre, Great Glemham Road, Stratford St Andrew, Suffolk, IP17 1LF
Arrive 12.30, session begins 1pm, ends 5.45pm

Learn the importance of make-up and how to create a polished look, before stepping in front of the camera for a relaxed photo session, with our 'photo family' of photographers.  This event is limited availability due to its popularity, so book early to avoid disappointment.  Price includes extensive notes, 4GB USB, copies of all images taken on the day as supplied by the photographers, and refreshments throughout.  Full details on the booking form below, as well as pricing information and early bird booking special offer!


Paypal (family/friends option) to leda2713@btinternet.com

Saturday  -  June 24
Topic: Veil Workshop - Let it Flow
1.30pm till 4.30pm
15 per person
Covering single and double veil use, the importance of hand and arms, fabric and veil type choices, fluidity, framing, wrapping... and creating mystery and a touch of theatrics!  Please bring a pair of same size/shape veils.  Notes & refreshments provided.


(includes handling fee) or use Paypal friends & family

Saturday  -  July 15
Topic: Veil, Double Veil & Veil Fanzz
Looking at arm positions, movement, terminology and understanding the prop and it's movement.  15 per person, notes & refreshments included

Saturday  -  August 12
Topic: Full Armed & Fabulous
Looking at the role that arm positioning has on framing, movement, transitions, and useage.  Covering a selection of arm movements for all levels, arm/hand flexibility and exercises, beautiful hands and graceful arms 
15 per person, notes & refreshments included

Saturday  -  September 9 
Topic: Practice Companion - From Dance Drills to Combo Creation
Looking at It is not uncommon for dance students to say "I don't know how to practice at home?" Many just run over the routines they know or are learning, but in order to challenge yourself, you need to practice more than just dance routines.

This Practice Companion class will look at elements to help you progress on your dance journey.

Part 1 - COMBO CREATION will cover
** How do you create your own little combinations
** Combo creation for a panic free 'free dancing'
** What sort of elements you need to think of for your combinations
** Combination fun & games

Part 2 - DANCE DRILLS will cover...
** Why dance drills are important
** What sort of moves you should drill
** Body balance - avoiding one side dominance
** BELLY SWEAT - yes we will be drilling & getting sweaty!

15 per person, including notes and refreshment

Saturday  -  September 30
Topic: 'Outlander' troupe rehearsal

Saturday  -  October 28
Topic: LUCIFER - The Light bearers come
On the run up to all Hallows Eve, this workshop will bring a touch of light into your lives...

Light bearing Lucifers you will all become, and we will look at.

** Shamadans 
- What they are
- Traditional use/history
- Practical side of dancing with them
- Health & Safety - what you need to know

** 'Candle' dancing (using special safety tea lights)
- How to use the light effectively
- Tips & Tricks
- What the audience sees

Workshop is 20 per person, including notes, refreshments and a pair of special safety tea lights to keep.

Saturday  -  November 11
Topic: Me, You, We - Exploring Choreography

This workshop is going to look at choreography from different perspectives, whether it is to help you write your own, or to understand choreography that's written for you.

We will look at :
Your own choreography for
1. yourself
2. a duet
3. a group

Another person's choreography written for
4. you
5. a duet
6. a group

Choreography & the audience - what should be factored in

In each section we will look at and discuss the pro's and con's involved for each option, and then you will have an opportunity to see how the elements discussed play out, as you try various options for yourselves.

If you dance as part of a troupe/group, this workshop should help you to understand why troupe directors/choreographers make certain decisions, and help you understand the role of troupe dynamics and the role you play as an individual.

Please ensure that for 1, 2 & 3 you have written down some notes in advance that will help you.
Your choreography will need to include:
1 piece of music (there will be a list to choose from)
2 hip movements
3 travelling moves
4 arm movements or positions/frames
and any additional performance notes you want to include.

This workshop is 15 per person, including notes and refreshments.

Time to celebrate & get your Merry on!

Performances Slots available
Bring & Share Buffet
10 per ticket
Social Dancing

More details to follow nearer the time - tickets on sale in October

 * HAFLA * 

Saturday 2nd
December 2017

Winter Shimmyland

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